Destiny's Academy



Destiny’s Academy provides a safe and developmentally appropriate environment for children. Our focus is to provide a stimulating early child care center with academic enrichment programs that enhance the educational experience of our youth and prepares them to become academically successful in school.



Our Philosophy believes Children are the future and every child needs education and discipline to grow. Children need positive role models to boost their confidence and ambition.

Destiny’s Academy will enhance your child’s academic success by supplying them with the educational tools they need to become lifelong learners. We believe in providing a safe learning environment that will advance and foster early childhood education and development.

We value family and education. Providing access to the educational tools that are vital to each child’s development is important as they prepare for school each year. We believe affordable and quality programs are critical to the growth and stability of the child and their family. Affordable child care can provide parents the chance to explore new and different opportunities.

We believe and respect family values, children are able to practice their beliefs and family traditions that take place in their home. We believe in supporting the family as a whole by providing quality and affordable child care as well as high quality academic enrichment programs.



 As the Director of DSS Community Center, Felicia Davis is an outstanding leader, role model, and an immovable force in the community. Through her community center, Mrs. Davis has created partnerships, built social capital and provided youth programs directly in the under-served Brentwood Community. Her goal has been to bring more African American women leaders to the forefront, provide jobs for single headed households, and decrease the incarceration rate for African American youth.

Since 2012, Mrs. Davis has used her community center to create a platform for African American and minority residents in order to unite their voices and fight for social justice and equality in their community. She educates residents about the processes that govern their community to insure they are able to fully participate in the processes that effects their lives.  

Through DSS, Mrs. Davis has provided after school programs that focus on the academic success of middle and high school students; A community garden program that helps increase food access for African American and minority families as well as provide youth employment opportunities. By providing these services Mrs. Davis addresses the racial achievement gap and the racial disparities in the Madison area.  Mrs. Davis hopes to someday expand into a daycare center that provides affordable and quality childcare and focuses on increasing the reading proficiency of African American and minority youth.

In 2014, Mrs. Davis was recognized by the Mayor for her efforts to impact change in the community and in 2015, Mrs. Davis was a Brava Woman to Watch.  In 2016, she received the Rising Star Award by the Urban League of Greater Madison. In 2017, She received the Jefferson Award. She has maintained after school programs for Brentwood youth as well as served over 100 unduplicated youth to date. Mrs. Davis continues to fight for social justice and equality for African American and low income families. Allowing nothing to deter her from helping the people she is dedicated to serve.

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